Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Wednesdays

Here we are in this line at the zoo, waiting to buy tickets for me and you,
Yes its the zoo where mating zebras preform at 12:00 on the dot.
Lions and cheetahs are racing speed demons in their prospective slots,
And hippos are juggling meerkats through rings of fire,
The meerkats for reference have no clue of thier situation being dire,
Siotting around munching on popcorn and popped souls,
The gorillas stand on the opposite side of the glass witht their hands pressed against it.

I hear the other visitors,
"o isnt he cute, it could look like a human. I wonder what its thinking."

The gorilla child,
Looking through the glass,
"I know your out there, and i know your free, and though i may be here, behind this seperation, At least i am here against my choice. Fate has landed me here without a care, except freedom has never been in my voice."

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