Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be my friend Forever, Benjamin Murphy Fiffs

Chilly was the day, when I met the coolest cat I would ever know. The park was the setting, high noon the time and my mind the meeting place. I was traveling to nowhere coming back from a missed appointment strolling along with my overcoat and second hand sweater. I was winded from the walk, a steep hill, and juggling the responsibilities of my unusual life. The somberness of my mood weighed down upon my chest. So I pulled my rear into a seat, to languish in my lolligaggerness. The sky was mostly clear but a few wisps of cumoulus clouds constantly diddling themselves high in the sky.Squirrels dawdling and discoursing on daydreams, as was I. But I was violently awaken from my conscious slumber, by a rambling by my side. I hadnt noticed the eccentric figure to my right, how i could have missed him is beyond my permanent recollection. He demanded attention, commanded respect, his figure stood as tall as the himalayas, his beard mirrored that of its abominal inhabitant. I remember being drawn to his eye patch, the woven facade of a skull outlined the once filled socket.

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