Friday, March 4, 2011


Repent o you rambunctious rebels,
The established echelons has excelled at keeping common counterparts in courteous contempt,
Work but dont willfully withdraw from formalized functions,
To expand is extermination
To contest is counterproductive.

Crying is commonplace,
Walking, waking is not.

Talk trash in triumphant tones,
But belligerent biting of tongues is tantalizingly tasteful.
justice isn't blind,
its eyes are green,
reflecting dollar signs,
its gregarious greed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Reflect my soul in this moment,
The time it takes is gone in an instant,
Release me from the mundane curse,
You are my captor and best friend.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Fear has been in the bellies of men for far too long,
But a catalyst has been introduced,
And Its name is change,

That fear has risen,
Up through the trachea of humanity,
from the mouths of men,
A cry,
A roar,
A rebellious cat call for order through the mayhem,

Fear has transgressed against the dreams of men for far too long,
Now those dreams have proven the victors in the Battle for right,

Victory is ours my brothers, my sisters, my fathers, my mothers,

The dark ages of ignorance and fear mongering have come to an end,

Hold on to your steadfast courage,
Hold on to your conviction,
Hold on to your rebellious hope,

For the fearful night is ending,
And a new day is about to break.