Friday, February 4, 2011

Daredevil Daves Dance with the Deadly Dervishes

Dining and wheeling in dire despair,
Its tantalizing tales of transversing travels will terribly transpire without trained presumptuousness,
To leaven an over loaded life onto lithographic liberty,
one would rather rambunchously ramble over ramshackled ruins of time a tallies transcribed there,
So welcome to a land far from here.

Perhaps to properly portray the projected personality,
Albeit persona,
of the personified person,
We must lenghtly look at the  long and ludicris life.

To begin at the beginning,
The marvelous man of mighty myth,
Traveled through tall tales and trouble in his journey to judiscious justice.

The propagated pen was once protagonist,
while truth twice told was the triumphant tale,
beguiling that beginnings so bright would dimmer dastardly under diluted dimensions of discourse
and deadening desk dealing.

His cell with silent shrinking solitude
kept him dire distraught despair
at the cost of complete cordialty for confining conventions.

Apathy was appreciated if not altogether achieved,
resigning rented reserves of resolute rigidity,
In categorically constraining ones complete control over care
leaving lifes limiting liberties for lasting laughter.

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