Thursday, February 10, 2011


" Wake up!!!!"

The alarm chimes  with a non familiar voice. Its dark but the sound of the waking worlds widens my eyes, slit that opens and bright natural light erupts on the back of my eyeballs
SLAM,i merrily say hello to the clock, stopping its incessant wake up call. This isnt a a hotel, there is no cholocate mint under my freakin pillow. The chiming continues

'WAKE UP!!!"

Its not my freakin alarm, its my roomate, J. " Dude, wake the f up" dude, dude due, am i cowboy, isthis the wild west, am i covered in cowsht? The fire starts to burn in my belly and danm is it bright, I explode. "What the hell man, why is it so important i wake up?" He looks at me dumbdfounded, a wounded puuppy look spreads across his face.  This is the first and only time i have yelled, the only time my aggression has been geared toward him.

Sheepishly " I thought you were dead, you've been sleepin for days."

This ass is drunk, did he say days. No way. Now i am more pissed than before. Probably hit the bong before i got up and is on some super freaker trip. " what the hell are you going on about, you better not be tripping man."

Disbelief. Dis -freaking - belief. Clock look. I do and its thursday, noon. sit on the edge of my bed in pure freaking disbelief. What the hell is going on here. J looks at me simply, that identifiable i told you so face all along his grill. I turn on him, "so your telling me Ive been asleep for three days?"

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