Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love = dedication. Dedication = loyalty. Loyalty = love.

Swear, to the oaks in the forest, that we walked in our courting.
Swear, to the tides of the sea, that lapped on our bare feet.
Swear, to the sky, that enveloped us in our flight.
Swear, to the earth, that bore us from its breast.

Swear, to the heart, that beats inside our chest.
Swear, to the eyes, that saw your best.
Swear, to the lips, that pressed upon your head.
Swear, to the hands, that held you tight.

Tight, yet still light, enough for you to get away,
Tearing and trying to instill love away,
Here we are, and there we’ll be,
Till that we sweared on ceases to be.

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