Tuesday, April 5, 2011

why we fight

Its starts with a gnashing of teeth,
The animals fury is frightening,
The man has left the shell,
The animal has entered,
With an animosity so amazingly austere.

Cries in the night,
Nullify the gentlemens words of withdrawn aggression,
The beast has bellowed, belligerent,
It demands destruction,
It adheres to its animalistic advances.

The fighting forces feel the ferment of an advancing atrocity,
An alacrity so alien to the civilized,
The animal eats its, quaffs it down,
With inhumane celerity,
The man with the bellicose boistering,
Finds fear in the animals furious eyes.

The once present man is an eidolon,
No longer physically present,
The beast has unburdened itself upon the fragile flesh of its foe.

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