Friday, June 24, 2011

Your A Wizard Harry

"Your a wordsmith, Abe."

Uttered in a second, not affixed to one time or place,
Instead a a state of places where we had spent moments
stares and smiles, sighs and dies,
that rolled up snake eyes as the seconds ticked away.......




The moments are rushing and my beat is pulsing.
Some electronica infused, bass blasting burning of boundaries that need not bound me.

Fleeing, running ,
And there is no cowardice,
No fear of police, only relase.

I said good night. I thanked you for the light.
That was the second time and place that I would never again disgrace.

The fox has left the building.
Slinked off back, with hands in pockets, tail twitching along the breeze.
And maybe he'll be back one day,


He has gone,....

Gone Away.

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